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Crowdsourcing Resources

Here is a very interesting article about crowdsourcing and the tools available on the net. I would like to add to the list this one: Amazon Mechanical Turk (  which is also a great place to find people to help you with those everyday tasks that you just never get to doing.

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Should You Search Social Media Sites for Job Candidate Information?

This question has been up for discussion for quite a while. In more then 60% of the US recruiting companies researching the candidates online before asking them for an interview is a procedure, not a personal decision.

This is why, when I advise young professionals on their job hunt I firmly insist that they must carefully examine their profiles on social media and modify them in such a way that they are not japerdizing their professional persona. It was even Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, who said that due to the need to avoid weird Google results from your youth to come out on the surface, the near future could allow us laws to change our names upon reaching adulthood so that our social media teenage past is left behind.

It is also very important for the companies who look at social media to know why it is that they are there. Although it might be true, that there are many questions answered on the personal profiles of candidates, one should also remember the legislation and the personal data protection, to avoid lawsuits for discrimination, etc.

Thus, when looking for the applicants’ profiles, the corporations need to be very clear on what it is they are looking for. Thus, follow these simple questions:

  • Why do you want to use social media?
  • What information are you hoping to find?
  • Is the fact that an employee uses social media a bonus or a demerit?

Some HR professionals advise that recruiters maintain their searches only relevant to the position or the expertise of the individual. Thus, the pictures should not be looked at, while blogs, forums, groups and discussions are all fair game.¬† Although that might sound pretty straight forward it might get trickier if the consultant finds a really weird post included by the candidate. If the comments are discriminative or abusing, it might very well be time to look for another candidate. However, if the candidate likes French Fries with chocolate sauce, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

However, a candidate cannot leave it all for the recruiter to manage. It is also true, as Ms. Heather McGough, staffing consultant in Microsoft says, that “Candidates ought to be very aware of the consequences when they post information about their likes and dislikes or their abilities and inabilities. It’s only a matter of time before those comments will be common knowledge.”

What do you think? Have you had recruiters go through your social media presence (not the professional one… that is to be expected)? Have you had HRs comment on your content when you are at an interview?

Share your experience.

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Why Social Media Marketing efforts fail?

Rule N1 on the Internet is that while you are online you are interacting with people!

Ignoring this rule means your online marketing efforts will fail.

Read More here: Explicata.

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The life of a Start Up

As most of you know I recently set up my own Social Media Marketing company, Explicata (btw, yes, do join us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and … probably there’s a few more I cant recall right now)

I wanted to share a bit of the experience. Its not rocket science, this having a company thing. However, it requires you to get accustomed with several vital concepts that I wanted to share with you so you know what you get yourself into before you start.

1. Creativity – in everything… To begin with in your product. Unless you are one of those fortunate few who will discover the next “penicilin” idea (and those are a few) you will have competitors and your competitors would gladly eat you alive… and the younger you are – the better. So think of smart ways to grow fast and efficient with a unique proposition so that those other ones are long left behind until they realize what had hit them.

2. Willing to work long hours – My days are long… really long. And so are the hours of any start up company. I start work around 6:45 in the morning and I finish around 2:00 after midnight. If you feel like it read my post on working schedule of a CEO. Continue reading

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Telefonica – the biggest network in Spain is to buy Tuenti – the social network leader in Spain.

via Explicata.

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