Social Media Strategist

I am a licensed Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategist and a Networking and Communications Coach.

I consult companies and individuals on their online presence to ensure that they build a successful overall social media presence in the most relevant outlets with respect to their business.I work in the fields of Social Networks, SEO, Community Building, Content distribution,Leads research and Partnership building.
A B2B bio-technology company came to me with no knowledge of how to enter the social media sphere. I studied their business model, competition and target market to design SMM Strategy of 1 year. I assisted through the different stages – image building, content creation and distribution, relationship management, etc.Only 6 months later, they had signed with their 3rd “social media found” client who they would have missed if they had not taken advantage of the SMM services.
A B2C entertainment company had troubles opening up for new markets. After studying their targets, goals and preferences, I created a SMM Strategy of 6 months. I helped them chose specific sector-related niche social networks, I assisted them to create and distribute online multi-media content and I have restructured their website, by applying innovative SEO. Now, they are ranking #1 in Google for Spain for their keywords, they have expanded their service internationally through contacts that we attracted online and they have increased their bottom-line by 15%.
A 4 year-old professional services B2B company with previously established online presence, had problems creating the internal connections between the different parts of their SMM.This was because they were rather sporadic and all was created and maintained separately. I reexamined the existing components and I created a SMM Strategy of 3 months.I created a coherent structure which maximizes client’s experience with the brand and would be easy to navigate and maintain.Further, I created a Newsletter with relevant structures.They reached 300% higher visibility rates and 20% increase in leads.


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