Email Marketing Statistics

Research: the investments for email marketing, social media marketing and SEO are growing

The specialists from Exat Target, a company dedicated to email campaigns and direct marketing, published a survey according to which the marketeers plan to increase the investments in unconventional internet channels, starting 2010.

54% of more then a 1000 marketers say that they will increase their budget on Email Marketing, while 66% plan to invest more in social media, although around 80% of those say that they find it rather challenging to follow and analyze the ROI from this channel.

Going deeper into the survey of social media, it becomes evident that this is ¨the fastest growing digital marketing channel. ¨ It includes all communicaiton sites, from Facebook to different blogs.

More then 70% of the respondents have already increased the investments in social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter in order to create an emotional bond iwth the users and around 65% have invested in paid articles published in blogs and review pages.

51% say that they are planning to increase their budgets for SEO and 56% are looking into investing in mobile marketing.

Most of these high ratio investments will not come through incresing the budgets. Rather, the portions will be redistributed and traditional channels for advertising which until now have been swallowing huge amounts of money, will be reevaluated and their effectiveness computed to determine their ROI and potential.  13% of the marketing responsibles plan to decreaes the general budget for marketing, while 42% will maintain the same general framework.


About Maria Bakardjieva

I am a licensed Social Media Strategist and Networking Coach who helps business and people position, grow and develop. I work at Explicata - an online marketing experts company. You can find us at
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