Annoying Habits of Social Networkers

1. What gets on my nerves when I am on social networks is that all want to be my friends with only one goal – to sell! The other day, someone added me on Facebook, and as I have the habit to NOT add someone I do not know I asked him for details of where we met. He said, ¨No, we did not meet but we have friends in common. More so, I have a great restaurant and you should come to eat there… and bring all your friends¨. I have my preferred restaurants and I can assure you that I will not visit this one. (*too bad he is not going to read this one because he does not speak/understand English!!!) So that would be my NUMBER ONE: Focused on selling not on conversations.

2. Another thing that makes me re-evaluate my relationships online is receiving group mails which are completely not related to my area of interests or employment. It has been more then once, that I see emails directed to 200 people (all of whose emails were visible and accessible) which was talking about construction. I do not work in construction, neither is it my hobby, neither do I know anyone whose it is, so I do not want to know! And if whoever sent met this message had spent 10 seconds actually looking who the receiver of the message is, that would have become too obvious to miss.

3. I recently posted an opinion regarding a movie that I had seen. Many people began to comment and the conversation went from a calm Sunday afternoon to a Flame War (which was by no means neither my intention nor my preference). Thus, it is really annoying when there is online bashing on social networking sites. If there is a disagreement between something posted and the reader, then the most normal thing (I would think) is to express alternative opinions rather then move to personal shots at the author or any other member of the conversations. The only credibility questioned in these types of comments is the one of the aggressor.

4. I have designed my web presence in a specific way targeting specific people and sending a carefully though through message. In this sense, marketing posts are frustrating. Posting the products one is trying to sell on my groups wall or even worse, on my own is annoying. I recently saw an ad in a vacation resorts group that I belong to, a post about job employments. It is great and useful, but how is it relevant to those on vacation?

5. The whole point of Social media is triggering dialogue. It is annoying when after you add someone (especially corporate) they forget that you exist, do not answer your messages, and bombard you with general advertising materials. It is a dialogue, so once someone has agreed to give you their attention, do not turn them away.

I have come to discover several very useful tools to manage the annoying networkers away from my site. Those which I find work best are: De-friend, Leave or Unlink. If the problem persists, the most effective one is Report. Tell me, now, what do you get frustrated with on Social media?


About Maria Bakardjieva

I am a licensed Social Media Strategist and Networking Coach who helps business and people position, grow and develop. I work at Explicata - an online marketing experts company. You can find us at
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