Why is Social Media Marketing like Looking for a Job

The final goal in both marketing and job search is to ¨sell yourself¨ for the best offer. Thus, the same principles apply. We have already talked about how to find a job, how to create a winner CV and what are the important job habits. Lets now see how these concepts apply to Social Media Marketing:

Looking for a job is not a full time job. It is a full time commitment any time any day.

Social media is an extremely demanding environment. It provides its corporate users with direct access to the candidates and with the ability to build a relationship. But it is also a relatively informal, direct media focused on dialogue. Thus, participating in it is vital. It is not a full time job. It is a full time commitment. Users have different log on and usage habits – some use their cell phones, some browse at work, some devote hours on social media in the evening, many are active at night. In the end, much like when applying for a position, you are the one who wants something from the people that you are communicating with. What you offer could (or not) bring immense value to them in the future, but at the initial stage it is you who wants attention. Thereof, it would also be you who will be making the sacrifices to be always available, always responsive and always ready to provide additional information.

Check out the job portals in your area

Similarly, do not exclusively depend on the 3-4 major social media channels, namely LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Xing. Naturally, those should form part of your marketing mix, but just like when looking for a job – quality is more important then quantity. There are tons of niche, specialized social networks (on practically every topic). Some resemble a forum and some have grown in interface and functionality to resemble the 4 BIGs. A simple “spraying and praying” technique does not bring the best results neither on the job market nor on the social media field. This is so, because, much like in companies your CV can get lost in the clutter simply because they may or may not have an opening that you may or may not qualify for, your information and effort could be unnoticed because you are targeting a rather wide group (these are the biggest social networks) and possibly there will be a large percentage which is currently not interested.

Moreover, much like applying to any single position you are remotely qualified for could bring to confusions, so can excessive presence on social media. Any social media promises you they are the best one on the market (much like every company). However, you would not go for any job. Neither should you go for any web. Be selective. You will spend 8 hours a day at your job so you need to know that what you are doing is something that will bring you benefits and satisfaction. As mentioned, you will need to devote countless hours on social networking making it imperative to choose them accordingly.

Check out some of the positions that you are interested in. Speculate in your mind, what is this position supposed to resolve in the company? CVs should be tailor made!

Obviously. Much like in a job search social media marketing involves a lot of intuition and anticipation of the questions that a client (an employer) would have for you. Thus, after extensive research of your customer base you should have a relatively decent idea about what their needs and interests and design your online marketing campaign revolving around those. The Internet is oversaturated with information and all is accessible. Providing desired information before the clients even know they need it would increase your value to them and you will slowly gain credibility (much like what happens when you ¨accidently¨ drop in additional qualifications that you have during a job interview). It increases the chances of starting a constructive dialogue with the client (or employer) who will be more likely to listen since you have surprised him/her with something that they know they will need. Moreover, if they know that they can find the information from a reliable source (namely yourself) they do not need to waste time browsing Google for the answers. This is added value – both in interviews and in marketing – you are saving time and increasing the efficiency of the other person.

Social media marketing and community building has numerous things in common with the process of finding a job. In the end, however, it all goes down to one thing – you need to go where you are wanted (no need to apply for a job to a company that has a Freeze policy for the next year; neither would it be at large profitable to shoot at a general profile of a potential client, rather better to be specific and answer needs and wants that are already there). Every client (employer) wants to feel special and recognized for what they do and who they are. By demonstrating knowledge and consideration about their interests and necessities you are rising your credibility and trustworthiness – at least you spent some time researching the company (employer or client). Moreover, providing yourself for a 24 h availability (ok…ok 23…), would allow you to be the first candidate/provider who picks up the phone or answers the question when asked. You will increase your added value even more if the clients (employers) does not even have to ask – neither you nor themselves as instead you have already provided them with the answers/tools to overcome the uncertainty.

Thus, as tempting it is to overflow social media with one time messages, it is highly unlikely that that alone will bring in business (or a job). It is not called Community management for nothing – be a part of the community, include the others in yours and you will be invited to join theirs (as an employee or a provider of a service).


About Maria Bakardjieva

I am a licensed Social Media Strategist and Networking Coach who helps business and people position, grow and develop. I work at Explicata - an online marketing experts company. You can find us at www.explicata.com
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