Job habits

I have access to the G. Analytics of a recruitment company. There is a strange trend that is evident, constnat, and reoccuring – the web page which posts numerous emplyment opportunities for differet types of people has the highest visitors´rates in the first three days of the week.

Surprizingly enough, the LOWEST interest of finding a job and thereof the visits to the websites are on weekends – the period when supposedly people will have more free time and will be calm and concentrated on developing their future carreer path.

Yes, but no. The activity on the weekend is on average abour 3-4 TIMES lower than that during the working days. I am guessing many people took the saying: ¨Looking for a job is a full time job¨ literally and are complying with it so in their working hours (quite likely when they are really working their current job and getting paid for that) and they take the weekend off from all the worries and pressures of their two, coinciding, full time jobs.

Yes, but no. Looking for a job is not a full time job. It is a full time commitment any time any day. It accounts for a full time job, a weekend entertainment and a good night out with friends. Even if we are not talking about actively sending out CVs there are numerous things which need to be done to find a job, and even if we assume that you have taken this cause to really be your full time job and you devote to it 40 hours per week (I strongly doubt that!) it is not enought. Here are some things to do this weekend looking for a job.

  • Check out the job portals in your area. In Barcelona those would be: Infojobs, TSP, Loquo... (if you are looking in BCN and you do not know all of those, then you are only working part time)
  • Check out some companies in the area – read their websites, see their missions, think about how you can combine theirs with yours
  • Check out some of the positions that you are interested in. Speculate in your mind, what is this position supposed to resolve in the company? What problems might they have? What skills would ideally help to fix the problem? How can I demonstrate on my CV that I have those skills.
  • Spend sime time Google-ing blogs, publications, books, etc. Read new stuff from an area of interest (and I do not mean the fashion magazines!) SEO is hip, do you know what that is? Have you been using 4Square? Have you heard about the Kopenhagen conference? Do you know whats the lates on Haiti? Who bought whom in the corporate world this week? How did a service you use improve/change/innovate (your supermarket, your Bank, your online store, your gym, etc)?
  • Spend some time talking to people. Figure out which companies interest you and spend some time trying to talk and be useful to the people who work in them. Do not just chat them up to ask for a job, involve them in what you are doing (there is, of course, the presumption that you are doing something interesting, in this statement).
  • Start a blog… and maintain it!!!
  • Get involved in your local community.
  • Start writing for a publication – you do not like journalism you like math – write for a math journal, group, blog, question.
  • Update your knowledge on the industry – what changed this week?
  • Keep in contact with the local business people through the numerous business clubs and meetings which are growing like mushrooms!
  • etc.

So, have you been doing all of these? More then 2 negative answers and you have to rethink your strategy carefully, starting this weekend!


About Maria Bakardjieva

I am a licensed Social Media Strategist and Networking Coach who helps business and people position, grow and develop. I work at Explicata - an online marketing experts company. You can find us at
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